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Terms of use of



All visitors of the Website “ doo” accept that the Site is accessed under the following terms and conditions:

This Website and all of its information have only one information purpose.

The description of the particular products on the Website contains only basic information.

“Stefanovic1886 doo” will try to maintain only accurate and diligent pieces of information on the Site. However, “Stefanovic1886 doo” is not responsible if information made available on the Site is not accurate and diligent. “Stefanovic1886 doo” reserves the right to place links to other appropriate websites on its Site. However, “Stefanovic1886 doo” is not responsible for the content of these sites.

“Stefanovic1886 doo” reserves the right to modify or remove any information contained on the Site, at any time, of its own choice and without any previous notice.



Ordering is the first step of buying on our Site. If you want to order something on our Site, you have to be a registered user. By registering, you will get a username with which you can access the Site in the future while making an order. When you select products and put them in the shopping bag, you can choose two ways of payment:

  • Payment card,
  • Payment of the invoice sent to you after your order, if you decide to pay in cash “Stefanovic 1886 doo” reserves the right to cancel the sale and the purchase if there are some irregularities in the process of payment. The delivery is made only after the product is fully paid. This possibility is available only to the legal entities!
  • Payment in cash on delivery.



All prices are in dinar with VAT included. Payment is made in a local currency.

If the buyer decides to pay with card, he/she is responsible to put correct payment card numbers on the Site. While entering payment card information, confidential information is transmitted through public networks in a secure (encrypted) form using the current and the most modern technologies- SSL Protocol and PKI System. The safety of the information during the purchase on the Site is guaranteed by the payment cards processor “Banca Intesa ad Beograd”, and the completed payment process is carried out on the bank’s sites. Information about the payment card is not available in our system at all.”

If you decide to pay in cash with invoice, “Stefanovic1886 doo” will not require information about your card.

After you order a product from our Site, and select a payment with card, you will be contacted by a person from our company to confirm the order. If you decide for payment of the invoice, the invoice will be sent to your e-mail address, without any previous contact.

“Stefanovic1886 doo” reserves the right to change prices and availability of the products without prior notice. But, “Stefanovic1886 doo” will not change prices after confirmation of your order.



The products are delivered only on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, and they cannot be delivered beyond the boundaries of this country. “Stefanovic1886 doo” commits itself that the products will be delivered no later than 5 working days from the day of the purchase. All products that are ordered by 12h every working day will be delivered no later than 2(two) working days to the buyer’s address. The usual delivery time is 24 hours for all cities and larger settlements on the territory of Serbia.

There may come to a concession or an extension of the delivery if the recipient is not present at the address in the time of delivery, the recipient does not answer the phone number left on the Site, bad weather conditions or unforeseen transport situations when the shipper is not able to do something. The delivery service is paid according to the current price list (see the table) of the courier service in accordance with the contract signed by “Stefanovic 1886 doo”. Your obligation is to check the product and to report any irregularities within 24 hours.


Product Weight    Price
up to 2kg 180din
2-5kg 250din
over 5kg 550din


“Stefanovic1886 doo” is responsible for shipping costs if the retail price of the ordered products is bigger or equal to 2999din.



For successful processing and shipment of the order to your home address, we need the following information: name and surname, address, city, e-mail and telephone number. In the name of “Stefanovic1886 doo”, we commit ourselves to protect the privacy of all our customers. We give possibility to the customers to decide if they want or do not want to subscribe for marketing campaigns. All customer information is strictly stored and available only to the employees that need it for doing their work. All employees in “Stefanovic1886 doo” are responsible for respecting the principle of privacy protection.



“Stefanovic1886 doo” guarantees for the quality of its products. All products are original brands. The warranty provider, within the warranty period, provides removal of all defects of the products that may appear due to inappropriate characteristics of the product quality. In case of not doing this obligation, the warranty provider will replace the product with a new one or will return the money. The warranty period begins on the date of sale of the product entered in the warranty card, and is stamped with stamp and signature of the authorized seller. The buyer loses the right of guarantee if the defect is caused by not holding to the given instructions for use, and if the product was repaired by unauthorized people.



You can make a compliant in the following cases:

Complaint while receiving the product or while its first use – If while receiving the product it is estimated that the product is damaged, does not meet the specification, or is defective, the buyer has a right to a complaint. The warranty provider will repair the damaged product, will replace it with a new product or will return the money as soon as possible. “Stefanovic1886 doo” is obliged to make a refund only via VISA and Maestro payment method, in case of returning the product and refunding the customer who has previously paid with some payment card. This means that the bank will make a refund on buyer’s card.

Complaint in the guarantee deadline – The warranty provider, in the guarantee deadline, provides removal of the defects of the product on its expense. The deadline for determining defect is 8 days from receiving the product, and the deadline for removing defect of the product and/or refund is in accordance with the law, depending on the product type, for a maximum of 30 days. The buyer will receive correct product, will be given a new product, or will receive a refund. “Stefanovic1886 doo” is fully responsible for the transport costs.

During the complaint of the products in the warranty deadline, the buyer is obligated:

  • To bring the advertised product to any store posted on the “Contact Us” part of the Site owned by “Stefanovic1886 doo”, to e-mail, or to telephone 011/-322-53-33 and to make arrangement for sending the product through courier service to the address of “Stefanovic1886 doo”.
  • To present the product bill and the original warranty list for the product,
  • To describe the functional malfunctions of the product.

The Warranty does not contain:

Any damage caused by the transport after the delivery, any damage due to irregular usage or maintenance, or any mechanical damage caused by the buyer.

The Buyer is obligated:

  • To confirm that the product is complete without any damage, because any further complaints for these elements will not be accepted.



The law in case of distance selling determines the right of the buyer that is considered as a consumer, to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the day when the product was delivered The buyer may but is not obligated to mention the reasons for withdrawing. A withdraw of the contract can be made by submitting an appropriate exemplar that can be received on In that case, the undamaged products in the original package are:

Returned in one of the “Stefanovic1886 doo” stores or

Delivered by e-mail, by telephone 011/322-53-33, or by courier service to the address

Stefanovic1886 doo
Makedonska 34,
11000 Belgrade.


When it comes to a refund due to a complaint in the warranty deadline and/or termination of the contract by the Buyer in the deadline, the procedure is the following:

  • If the Buyer has paid with a card, the funds are returned on the card – we send a request to the bank and they return the funds
  • If the Buyer has paid with an invoice or through an account, we need from the Buyer to send the number of his/her current account to us, and we will return the funds in the post office or in the bank.



The use of our services is the user’s consent with all pieces of information on this Site. “Stefanovic1886 doo” is obligated to hold to all of the mentioned, and any changes of the terms will be posted on the Site.