Stone Type

Pendant – Lady bug

Lady bug gold pendant with emenel will be a perfect gift to bring joy and happines into a little girl\'s life....

2.352,00 din

Alisia-Simple stud earrings circle

Stud earrings in two colors of gold with sand stone finish.....

2.520,00 din

Little Bear Gold Pendant

Teddy bear is necessary part of every childhood. They are common gift to express love and care, a person holds...

2.570,48 din

Heart Gold Pendant

This 14K enamel pendant is produced from warm 14ct yellow gold. Adorable keepsake that will be cherished. So l...

2.794,00 din

Gold enamel pendant – Sun

Let the first pieces of jewelry that your little ones will wear be original, colorful, and special since they ...

2.794,00 din

Alisia-Black thread and Gold circle

Yellow gold plated silver circle with black thread....

3.240,00 din

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