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What is a sealed diamond?

Sealed diamond is a precious gift – diamond sealed in the sophisticated banking package. It’s small but remarkable stone stamped in a box designed with style. You can engrave dedication on a small tile and make the sealed diamond even more precious for someone special to you.

Sealed diamond is such a personal gift and shows all your affection to the recipient and it is special enough to mark the importance of the moment as well as the person given to. Choosing this kind of permanent valued gift is an expression of your lifestyle and taste.However, the real pleasure of this gift is found by a person who receives it. She or he can choose the best way to use it. It can be kept as a diamond itself and passed to someone in legacy, or, in the future, it can be incorporated into jewelry: rings, necklaces, earrings, button cuffs, as you wish.

How to choose the right sealed diamond?

Round – Brilliant cut is by far the most popular way of cutting a diamond and gives this precious stone a perfect shine.  More than 100 years of experience, with the help of advanced theories of behavior and the refraction of light and with precise mathematical calculations, have led to this form that best highlights all the features of a diamond.

Regarding other parameters which determine quality of diamonds known as 4C (cut, color, clarity, carat), we are determined to choose

the best for you, considering the relationship between its price and quality. With sealed diamond you also receive a certificate of authenticity that confirms its value. Banking package and engraving a tile are included in the price of sealed diamond which depends on its size – carat.

Therefore, You only need to select diamond’s carat and decide on the dedication to be engraved – the most important and personal part of it.